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Creating Sculptures:
Where Does a Bronze Sculpture Begin?

All of Sister Marie's bronze sculptures and art begin with intense research into the character, history and lifestyle of the person whom she intends to artistically capture. For example, in the case of a sculpture, she then models her interpretation of that individual in clay, continuing to refine and define the features she wants most represented in her work. Once she is satisfied that she has captured the uniqueness of the individual, she then takes the clay original to a foundry.

From that point, a rubber or urethane mold is made that is cradled in plaster and the original clay sculpture is removed. Wax is poured into the rubber mold in its place. Then the new wax sculpture is pulled from the rubber mold and checked by the artist for accuracy. Sprues are attached and a second mold is made for the wax. This method is very precise, even to the inclusion of any fingerprints or precise detail that was found in the original clay.

From this point a ceramic shell mold is then made by dipping the wax repeatedly into slurry, followed each time by coating the wet slurry with sand and a gravel-like substance to build up the ceramic shell. Many dippings are required and after this mold is thoroughly dry it is only then placed in a kiln and the wax melted from the interior.

This leaves a perfect impression into which the molten bronze can be poured. If the original bronze art was complicated, multiple ceramic shells would be made and the pouring of bronze would occur into each mold. Then the ceramic shell molds would be broken and chipped away and the final bronze would be free. The last steps include the cleaning of the bronze, welding of all pieces together and lastly, the application of the patina.

This method is known as the lost wax method and is age old.

Sculptures are available in your choice of two patinas that include:

• Golden Brown
• Green


Life Size Bronze Sculptures
• Life Size representation of Catherine McAuley"
• Theresa Gerhardinger (Foundress of the School Sisters of Notre Dame)
• Mary of Nazareth, 5/4 Life Size (Life Size plus 1/4)
• Bronze Bust of Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy
• Bronze Bust of Frances Warde, first Sister of Mercy to establish a foundation in the U.S.
• Young woman
• Young man

Bronze Reliefs
• Catherine McAuley with two children
• "The Spirit of Mercy" relief sculpture features figures of Catherine McAuley, Nelson Mandella,
    Desmond Tutu, Mother Theresa & Elizabeth Seton set alongside the Baggot Street foundation
• "Friends of Catherine McAuley"
• Bronze relief sculpture of Catherine McAuley
• Bronze relief sculpture of Catherine McAuley circa 1831
• Commissioned portrait sculpture, such as that of Sister Mary Alphonsus Mulroy of Nampa, Idaho
• Bronze relief, Life Size, sculpture of St. Thomas More, patron saint of politicians & attorneys

Bronze Table Sculpture
• Bronze sculpture of Catherine McAuley
• Bronze Sculpture of Catherine McAuley & Frances Warde

Catherine McAuley Prints
All prints are matted, framed in wood and arrive ready for display.

Catherine McAuley Notecards
Stocked cards are available as pictured. Customized cards, with a variety of quotes,
are available on commission for the same price.

Laser Etched Crystals
3-D laser etched crystal embedded with the likeness of Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy.

Beautiful silver with gold and bronze medallions of Catherine McAuley are available.



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