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McAuley Images: Laser Etched Crystals

Looking for an ideal gift for CEOs, Board Members, Donors, Service Award recipients or remembrances to mark any special anniversary, groundbreaking or other special occasion with Mercy significance?

If so, Sister Marie Henderson's 3-D laser etched crystal embedded with the likeness of Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, fits the bill perfectly. Each crystal arrives in its own handsome, navy blue satin lined gift box, perfect for presentation.

To order, please contact: Sister Marie Henderson, RSM |
19211 Merriman Rd. | Livonia, Michigan 48152
Phone: 248.250.2690. e-mail: mhendersonrsm@gmail.com

The centered text under the etched image reads:
Catherine McAuley
Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy


Laser Etched Crystal
Available Sizes:

• 4.5 inches high x 3 inches wide x 2.5 inches deep
(In Stock) . . . $219

• 7 inches high x 4.6 inches wide x 3.1 inches deep* Weight: 11 pounds (Pre-order only) . . . $595 each

• 10 inches high x 6 inches wide x 5 inches deep*
(Pre-order only) . . . $875 each

Shipping and handling not included in above prices.

*Quantity price adjustments available for orders of
ten or more.





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